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02 September 2015 @ 02:37 pm
Sorry for rambling here....

Actually it was a busy two month for me...
Beginning from August till this month...
In August I have to prepare my daughter coz her choir for school are gonna perform on our Independence Day, that gonna be held at Augst' 17... And I have been chosen for In charge of their preparation so it's really hard coz this gonna be my first time to be In charge for something this big... But thank God it was succeed...

But nooo it's not the end YET for me, coz the BIG PROJECT of this year hasn't end yet... This month Sept' 18, we still had a BIG Competition that gonna be held at UNDIP and it gonna be nationwide this time, and it's really important that we had to win this competition, coz it's gonna impact for my daughter when she gonna entering her chosen high school...
Oh God I'm so nervous... And I can't do anything beside praying and support her and their friends for them to success and win the competition... Amin...

God I'm nervous... But live must go on... So I'm Off for now...
Good luck to you all...
Have a nice day...
See you again...

03 August 2015 @ 10:20 pm
Sorry For The SPAM....
Just missed this two so damn much... XD

*After my long hiatus, finally make one... XD *

*Finish watching their Digitalian Con... Make me miss them more...*
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15 April 2014 @ 04:44 am
*sorry for the spaming times dear friends... </a>

- World's Best Song,
- World's Best Album,
- World's Best Video,
- World's Best Group,
- World's Best Live Act

and VOTE SHO SAKURAI as World's Best Male Artist



LOVE Booklet (49) edit

Yeiiiy Let's VOTE... \(^o^)/
30 October 2012 @ 11:44 am
Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.... \(^o^)/
Is me Ichigo... well usually my dear Ista who always used this journal...
But now I'm trying to be more active again?

Been sooooo busy lately, but now I'm kind a settled down for a bit...
Now I had a new baby at my home... hihihi...
A new addition at my family... And yes he's still a baby...
Let me introduce my new baby...

Meet Ohchan, we called him ChanChan...
That pic took when he is 2 month old, now he is 2,5 month...
I can't believe I already have him for 2 month....
He is sooooo energic, I wish I can show you all but for now I think the pic is enough...
In a couple of week we gonna have some addition too, coz my Hamster Hamtari is preggy.
Well congratulation Hamtaro u did it.... XD

Okay that's for now of my ramblings nonsense...
See you again next time on my other one...
Sorry for the spam here... XD
Have a nice day to you all... ^-^v
Love u guys... <3
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12 October 2012 @ 08:15 pm
Hi y'all,

Ista here, wanting to say hello and just rambling about trip i just had wit my friends.
So last week i went to Malaysia. it was a 6 day trip. the initial purpose was to meet my other half, Iswari Ratih, and also my arashian friend Midori_no_Hana, but i also used the opportunity to get away a while from my chaotic office. Before the trip, i was down with fever and not sure whether i was able to go, but all was fine in the end. So i took a leave on Oct 4th, went on morning flight (stressing, i hate waking up early to catch morning flight -__-"), smooth trip it was, and finally reached KL Intl Airport on the afternoon..

first arrived, straight to batu Caves, didnt wanna waste time XD
batu caves

Second stop was, of course, Petronas tower

second day, walked thru Bukit Bintang, just walking...wit no intention of buying anything....exxxpennnsivvveeeeeee -____-"

third day SO HOT, we kept looking for cool places, and shot photo under any shade we could find LOL. so this me, micchan, and hana

One of my fav, i-City...so prettteeehhhh.....

And finally, Genting Highland....came here to gamble, but unfortunately, they dont let ppl under 60 to get into the Casino :P. so we just took a stroll instead, and i rode that flying coaster. it was FUN, i rode twice XD. Love it when it tossed and turned me upside down, yay!

6 days went like a blink of eyes. so fast!!! and i had to say goodbye once again to my Micchan and Hana...hope i can go somewhere wit them again!
That's it for today. Ista signing out, bubye, and hve a nice weekend, y'all *smooch*
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10 August 2012 @ 06:57 pm
Hi guys, whats up....its ista writing for Ichi...
well, because this has become a shared account, allow me to write a lil too...
today wasnt really a great day for me, as i screwed up at office.
i made an error, and it was a pretty big deal.
that instance, i kne my spv was disappointed at me, she kept silence for a moment, not wanting to talk to me.
i was also disappointed at myself, but after that, i realized that i had to fix everything up. there's no point of sulking, and blaming myself for my own mistakes. So, i grabbed everything that's left, and started to work on the matter. it's not complete yet, but apparently, my spv saw my hard work, and she kinda gave me appreciation. she started smiling and talked to me like usual. i know maybe the problem wont be finished in just a couple of days, and i know that i have to make more effort to make everything solved. But at least, i didnt just give up and leave everything. Im glad i made the right decision to face everything and take responsibilities on what i did.
Nobody is perfect, including me. But the courage to deal with everything will make us stronger, i believe. all people learn from their mistakes, and i will do my best not to make another mistake in the future.

Despite everything that happened today, i think im still able to say THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY NIGHT Y'ALL. Have a nice weekend!!!!
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09 June 2012 @ 01:09 am

Okay Okay I better chilled out a little bit now, don't panic take a deeeeep breath... (huuufff fyuuuh... count to 10)



I think I'm much much better now...
Well I better try to sleep now, so hopefully it would make me fresh, and hope the BIG DAY is gonna be wonderful and awesome...
Wish me luck girls...

Oh I forgot to tell you all for why I'm so panic and nervous...
Coz tomorrow (or today I can say even though is still midnight here) is My Wedding Day...
Gosh... Finally someone want to marry me and really don't mind to love my two precious angels I had...
Hope God would hear my prayer, and this time I hope it would be my last wedding...
So hopefully, and FINALLY I will find my happiness here... Amien...

Pray with me girls...
And sorry for rambling....
See you again...

Oh and by the way, this is Ichi not Ista... XD
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20 May 2012 @ 01:25 pm
Hi guys, Ista here. Since Ichi has been giving me the baton to continue her Journal, i will post something here too. Nothing much of course, since its still Ichi's Journal. Im only the one to do maintenance and download videos for ichi.
So, basically what i want to share today is....humm..... this morning's chaos. Well, the chaotic situation actually started yesterday, when my friend Tetsuko Himura told me that someone already uploaded Arashi's new DVD: Beautiful World concert. FYI, i had a date yesterday night-LOL-but my boyfriend had to deal with my excitement on the news. Hell, man? someone UPLOADED BW DVD!!!!!! that time i wanted to rush right away to internet cafe to download. In the end, the download thingy had to couldnt leave my boyfriend for Arashi. LOL. Okay, in the end, real life won.
And then this morning, me and my friend Adel decided to go to internet cafe really early in the morning. i went out at 5.30 am from home, with my motorcycle. For ARASHI! YAY!!!
The night before, we were already informed that the file wasnt from Mediafire. Its from a chinese server called 115. and we were told that its extremely slow. some of our friend already gave up. but, with high hope, we came to the internet cafe.
Next thing happened was: the file couldnt be downloaded from Mozilla Firefox. Damn!!! so we asked friends here and there, and also friends from Arashindo. We found out how to download. we were extremely happy. we didnt care how long it would take to download all, and how much money we would spend here. we only cared for the files.
but one thing came after another..... from total 21 files, we could only downloaded 8 files :'( the rest were broken, or we couldnt open it at all. we decided to gave up because we definitely aint going nowhere. we decided to wait someone to be kind enough to upload the file to Mediafire *crossing finger*
woa, it really takes so much to be a poor fangirls. we cant buy the DVD because the price is like WOW. and we cant also download because, yea you know why.....
At this moment, we can only put a hope that someone will upload to MF or IFile. on the meantime, we can only watch some of the performances provided by the kind Arashi no Jidai.
Japanese-san and Indonesian Government-san, please be kind. Lower the DVD tax and shipping cost please!!!!! LOL
Thats it for today. I know there are a lots of fangirls that have the same feelings with me. and those who failed to download the files. Be strong sister, the help shall come!!!! XDDDDD

for the last one, i want to present you with two pics i found. can you guys find the similarity between those pics? LOL (Yea yea yea...im uploading the pic because im still feeling depressed for the DVD XDDD)

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05 April 2012 @ 06:59 pm
Long time no see.... Sorry, I've been very busy with works and my girls, so i dont update my LJ much these days.
So, i hve an announcement to make. As i am getting busier these days, and i'm not sure that i can keep up with downloading regular shows or whatever...so im sharing this account with my friend Ista Hasmarisna. She is going to help me in maintaining this account, and also helping me with the fandom world. She's devoted to Arashi and sakuraiba LOL. She reads fanfics and admires fanart. she's also able to speak in simple Japanese. So if you guys find me lolling around in sakuraiba's fandom, that would probably be her LOL.

That's her. She's a narcissist LOL

okay, that's it for today. hve a great day all,
oh, and happy easter for those who celebrate
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17 August 2011 @ 03:34 pm
Well actually I'm just want to posting here... xixixi
Coz I don't know else what to do...
Sorry is not that good, but I like how it's look at the end...
So I just want to share here... XD
So enjoy... ^-^v

another version

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